Welcome to the website of East Greenwich Pediatrics located in East Greenwich, RI. Our practice is committed to the healthcare of children and adolescents, from birth through age 19. We believe in partnering with parents to provide the highest quality care, sensitive to the physical and emotional needs of our patients. Our office offers a warm, friendly environment for caring, personalized attention to your family.

East Greenwich Pediatrics uses the Patient Centered Medical Home model of care.  Patient Centered is a way of saying the patient is the most important person in the health care system.  Please visit the PCMH page for more information about how our team works together to provide high quality health care to your child.

Dr. Flanagan, Dr. McMillan, Dr. Reibman, Dr. Pogacar, and Dr. Maule


East Greenwich Pediatrics will be re-opening on Wednesday, January 28th for normal operating hours.


The pediatricians at East Greenwich Pediatrics strongly recommend that ALL children over the age of six months receive the flu vaccine each year.  Children 6 months to 2 years, and/or children with asthma who are currently taking a inhaled steroid every day or who have other chronic illnesses should receive a flu shot.  Children 2 years and older who do not have a chronic illness should receive Flumist, an inhaled intranasal vaccine.  If your child is allergic to eggs, he/she must receive the vaccine during regular office hours.

East Greenwich Pediatrics patients:

If your child has not yet received a flu vaccine and does not have a scheduled visit before November 1st, please call the office during the week to schedule a time to come in and get vaccinated.

Tick Information

For information about ticks, tick removal, and Lyme disease please click here: