Welcome to the website of East Greenwich Pediatrics located in East Greenwich, RI. Our practice is committed to the healthcare of children and adolescents, from birth through age 19. We believe in partnering with parents to provide the highest quality care, sensitive to the physical and emotional needs of our patients. Our office offers a warm, friendly environment for caring, personalized attention to your family.

East Greenwich Pediatrics uses the Patient Centered Medical Home model of care.  Patient Centered is a way of saying the patient is the most important person in the health care system.  Please visit the PCMH page for more information about how our team works together to provide high quality health care to your child.

Dr. Flanagan, Dr. McMillan, Dr. Pogacar, Dr. Maule and Dr. Klipfel


The pediatricians at East Greenwich Pediatrics recommend that all children older than 6 month receive a yearly flu vaccine.  This year, the CDC has recommended that everyone receive a FLU SHOT (not a flu mist).

If your child has not yet received a flu vaccine for this year, please call us to make an appointment.


Health Information Portal

Our online health information portal (https://90.portal.athenahealth.com) allows parents to securely access basic heath information about his/her child. Due to confidentiality reasons, portal access for parents with children older than 13 years of age is limited.

NON-URGENT messages can be sent via the portal to your child’s doctor. If your child is sick or you need a refill or referral it is always best to CALL the office 401-884-8900 so that our staff can make sure that your needs are met in a timely matter.

If you would like to set up a portal account, please contact our office staff to fill out a “Patient Portal Proxy Access Request and Authorization Form” and we can help you get set up. Thank you for your patience while we roll out this exciting new feature for our patients and their families.

Tick Information

For information about ticks, tick removal, and Lyme disease please click here: