Telemedicine Visits

In response to the coronavirus pandemic, the doctors at East Greenwich Pediatrics are excited to announce we are starting virtual / telehealth visits for our patients immediately. These visits will be with your usual providers at East Greenwich Pediatrics, and will be geared to problems that do not require a full physical exam. Telemedicine visits will be billed through your health insurance, so fees and co-pays that you normally would have with “in office” visits will apply. If after having a virtual visit, it is determined that your child should come in for an “in office” visit, you will not be charged a second co-pay.

What are some reasons to choose a virtual visit during the pandemic?

  • Rash with no fever
  • Eczema
  • Bug bites
  • Allergies (no asthma)
  • Pink eye > 2 years old with no ear pain and no fever
  • Stomach bug >2 years old, no fever, has urinated in the last 8 hours
  • Behavioral health follow up appointments
  • Prenatal consults
  • If parent or patient prefers or does not want to come in to the office
  • Patient has been asked to quarantine at home

Have an appointment?
You will receive a text message or email (your choice) right before appointment time that you can click on to enter the virtual waiting room.  You can also just click here a few minutes before your appointment time to be connected to the waiting room.

Office Hours

Office hours are Mon-Fri 8AM-4:30PM.

Saturday and Sunday mornings for urgent visits by appointment.



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